As an Indie Game-Dev Group, we are using some musics and models from other artists.

Here is the list:

Background Music of the Main Menu is taken from: BadWabbitz

Background Image of the Main Menu is taken from : PixelStalk

Background Ambience Music of Chapter 1 is taken from:  ESN Productions

Background Music of the Chapter 2 Starting Cutsc. is taken from: Mattia Cupelli

Background Music of the Chapter 2 is taken from:  Ender Guney Music

Background Music of Zümre’s Cutscenes is taken from :  OurMusicBox

( The song title is Jay Man )

Background Music of Alper’s cutscenes is taken from: 4Tune

Model of The Zull Dolls is taken from: VIS-Games

Background Music of Action/Following Scenes is taken from: (Send us an email if you are owner of this music)

Thanks to the All Artist for their great Artwork.

(If there is an Artwork/Music we forgot to give credit, please contact us.)



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